transmission fluid leak

Transmission Fluid Leak

What are the causes of transmission fluid leak?

Transmission Fluid Leak. Even in 1980, automatic transmissions produced by Mazda, produced by Mercedes, are still on the roads today. How do you think automatic transmissions, which have been working for exactly 41 years since 1980, have survived so long?

In its simplest form, it is an engineering skill. It is caused by good design and proper lubrication of parts from wear. Unlike other oils, oils that can generate hydraulic pressure are used in automatic transmissions. Like ATF2, it has the same properties as today’s steering oils. This oil usually does not lose its properties for years. However, this is how it works.

For example, automatic transmissions with Torque Convector have pads. These pads wear out from use and heat, and dust and dirt mix with the automatic transmission oil and contaminate the oil. Contaminated oil causes clogging of oil channels. For this reason, if the oil and filters of automatic transmissions are changed at regular times, these parts will last for 100 years, not 41 years.

Where does transmission fluid leak from?

Seals, gaskets and parts called o-rings are used as sealing elements in automatic transmissions. Automatic transmissions can frequently leak oil from oil pans. The general reason for this is the loss of the gasket and oil pressure problems in the gearbox. In addition, due to pressure problems in the gearbox, the seals in the gearbox may burst and cause serious oil leaks.

transmission fluid leak
transmission fluid leak

There are many oil seals in the gearbox, the most famous of which is the turbine seal in the industrial language. The turbine seal is at the junction of the gearbox and engine. When it starts to leak oil, it is both costly and makes your life miserable. Because the oil flowing from here can be in a higher amount, not in the form of drips. So can this felt explode with user error? The answer is yes. Because putting too much oil in the automatic transmission or making sudden movements in your vehicle will damage the seal.

We talked about the possibility of oil leaking from the oil seals and gaskets in the transmission. But these are the parts that only you can see. There are dozens of parts in the gearbox that should not leak oil. These extend in the form of fat brains, clutches, and solenoids. When these parts start to leak oil, your oil will not decrease, but it will cause problems in your car’s gear shifts.

Transmission Fluid Leak and White Smoke

It was very normal to see this title in engine oil burning. However, in automatic transmissions, it can burn the oil in the engine. Your car is throwing white smoke and burning oil, but the reason may not be in the engine, but in the automatic transmission. This is because there are a number of vacuum control instruments between the transmission and the engine. Transmission oil can seep into the engine here and burn in the engine. Fault detection is easy, but there are not many masters who know this.

In general, I tried to touch on the essential information in oil leaks. In general, after writing articles on this site, we continue to add new information frequently. So don’t forget us, stay safe.

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