Timing Chain Replacement Cost

Timing Chain Replacement Cost

What Is A Timing Chain?

Timing Chain Replacement Cost. Most recently released vehicles use a timing chain instead of a timing belt. The timing chain is the part that connects the crankshaft and the camshaft, which allows them to work together.

What Does A Timing Chain Do?

The engine of the vehicle works depending on many equipment in the vehicle. All parts in the car are important, but the timing chain is one of the most important parts in the car. Using a timing chain that is robust and long-lasting will be better for you in terms of cost in the long run. The timing chain transmits the movement it receives from the crankshaft to the camshaft and allows the valves there to be opened and closed. This allows both the cycle pump and the camshaft to work.

The timing chain works systematically. The gears in the chain are adjusted by an alignment above both the camshaft and crankshaft gears. With this alignment, the valves, that is, the valves, are opened and closed. If an incorrect alignment is made while the timing chain is installed, the valves will open and close at the wrong time. As a result, they will collide with each other and break, causing damage to the engine. Here we can understand the importance of the timing chain on the engine. If you do not want a problem with the engine of your car, you should check the timing chain at certain periods.

Timing Chain ChangeTiming Chain Replacement Cost

Because the timing chain is connected to the engine parts, it is a part that works directly with the engine. So when the timing chain malfunctions, the engine will also be affected. By checking the timing chain from time to time, you can tell if there is a need for change. These operations should be performed with the original parts when changing the chain. In this way, the risk of problems during and after the change will disappear.

Issues to be considered when changing the timing chain;

  • When placing the timing chain on the pulley, no forcing should be done.
  • When adjusting the tension, the Bolts are loosened so that the chain will stretch and the installation will be easier.
  • The crankshaft must be rotated at least twice in a full turn in order to fit fully into the pulley grooves against any expansion that may occur on the chain during timing chain change.
  • Adjust the tension spring and timing chain according to the tightening settings recommended by the manufacturer and tighten the pivot bolts of the tension spring.
  • By reattaching the timing chain overlay, tighten all bolts correctly.
  • Reconnect the ground cable and make the necessary adjustments by starting the engine.

These are the steps that should be considered when changing the timing chain. These procedures must be performed strictly by a professional. Although you control your chain from time to time, you should definitely leave the change process to the Masters.

When Does The Timing Chain Change? Timing Chain Replacement Cost

Each vehicle has many different hardware mechanisms. These hardware may fail over time according to usage. After failure, you need to make changes. The timing chain is also one of the parts that will break or malfunction over time. According to usage, timing chains can stretch over time. The chain must change when it begins to stretch. You can tell by the sound that the chain yawns. If strange sounds come from the engine while your car is running, you should check and change the timing chain. Otherwise, your timing chain will break and lead to more costly results.

Changing your timing chain without breaking will protect you from high costs. As a result of breaking the timing chain, the valves will remain open, and the Pistons will break by hitting each other. This, in turn, will cause a serious failure of the engine. The life span of timing chains varies according to the brand model. You can see details about this in your car’s user guide.

Vehicles Using A Timing Chain

Timing belts are used in some vehicles, while timing chains are used in some vehicles. Some vehicle models and brands that use timing chains;

  • Suzuki
  • All engines of Mercedes
  • Mazda 3 and 6 Series
  • Opel 1.3 CDTI engine owner vehicles
  • 3 Multijet engine owning vehicles
  • Toyota 1.6 gasoline engine owner vehicles
  • Mondeo 2.0 gasoline engine owner vehicles
  • Smart
  • Lada Samara and Wega
  • Mitsubishi

The chains used by each of these tools are different. So you can find out what you are interested in from your User Guide or services.

Timing Chain Sound

Timing chains operate within a specific system. There are Motors and valves in this system. So when it malfunctions, it needs to be replaced urgently. If the timing chain expands, it starts to make sounds. When you hear these sounds, you need to go to the nearest service and check the sound coming from your car and change the timing chain.

Timing Chain Costs – Timing Chain Replacement Cost

Since the timing chain used by each vehicle is different in make, model and length, its prices will also be different. Each brand produces timing chains according to its own vehicle. But prices, on average, are as follows.

Ford F-Series$499 – $614$114 – $167$613 – $781
Chevrolet Silverado$484 – $741$137 – $199$621 – $940
Ford Focus$319 – $550$97 – $145$416 – $695
Toyota Camry$389 – $650$161 – $245$550 – $895
Toyota Corolla$415 – $766$144 – $231$559 – $997
Nissan Altima$334 – $708$88 – $171$422 – $879
Honda CR-V$289 – $674$124 – $205$413 – $879
Honda Civic$315 – $667$145 – $224$460 – $891
Honda Accord$347 – $587$110 – $201$457 – $788
Ford Fusion$299 – $419$121 – $189$420 – $608

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