tie rod replacement cost

Tie Rod End. Having a car can be more expensive that it seems. Aside from buying diesel or gasoline to keep it running; you need to change oil and provide for its regular maintenance. In most cases, if something goes wrong and you do not know how to fix your own car; services can be very expensive. Imagine if you encounter a problem with your tie rod ends, do you realize how costly it is to get someone to do tie rod ends replacement?

Changing and Replacing Tie Rods

Know that you can actually get away from high tie rod replacement cost by doing it on your own. It only takes some will power, knowledge of tools and perhaps in the beginning, a few ounces of patience. Here’s how:

1.)    There is a specific or special tool that you must use to remove inner tie rod ends. Sometimes depending on your area, the price of this tool may vary so it would be best to scout around and check online if you want to save a few dollars. Note that if you get it online, you may have to pay for the shipment as well so take that into consideration.

tie rod replacement cost
tie rod replacement cost

2.)    Jack up your car and then insert the jack stand and do not connect the cable of the negative battery. Take out the cotton pin as well as the nut that’s holding tie rod end at the outer part to the assembly of the wheel. Take out the tie rod end of the outer part from the actual wheel assembly using outer tie rod tools.

This you can do by borrowing from hardware stores that provides rental services of tools or you can buy your own. Loosen the nut that connects the inner and the outer tie rod ends together and that prevents them from turning. As you do this, get into counting the number of times that it takes to separate the tie rod ends, both inner and outer, so that it would be easier for you later on, as approximately the new rod will be replaced at about the same way it was installed originally.

Changing and Replacing Tie Rods

3.)    Take out the boot that covers the tie rod end at the inner part fully from the tie rod. If they are already separate in a couple of pieces, it is much easier for you; otherwise, you will have to cut it unless you know how to take it out of the rack.

4.)    Make use of some drift or a bended screw driver and use this to knock out the locking washer. You can also use a hammer that you can use to pry and then knock the lock of the tabs out.

5.)    Get the tools you got earlier, pick the right crows foot, a ½” screw driver and the tie rod must already loosen it and screw it out.

6.)    The parts that are new may now be installed by reversing the steps described above. Have the outer tie rod screwed ends the same and exact number of times as you took it out as well as to have it tighten the nut. Do some car alignment, too.

You have just saved yourself from paying expensive costs of replacing the rods. Note that tie rod ends by size are available on the hardware or car specialty store. Tie rod ends price may also vary depending on the model or the quality.

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