Signs of a Bad Transmission

Signs of a Bad Transmission – Bad Transmission Symptoms

Signs of a Bad Transmission. It’s a bit scary to think about all the things that can go wrong with your car, but if you are diligent and observant, you’ll be able to catch a problem before it escalates! This is my top list of signs that may point to transmission problems.

Humming, Whining, Clunking and Any Other Strange Sound

These noises can relate to other parts of the car, but more often than not you’ll hear a strange sound when you shift gears. It’s best to assess this problem sooner rather than later.

Signs of a Bad Transmission Shaking or Grinding

Again, this problem would suggest that there’s a problem with your car’s gears. If you have a manual transmission, you’ll feel the stick-shift stick as you switch gears. If you feel grinding after you engage the clutch, it may mean that your clutch needs adjusting or replacing.

No Response

This problem almost sounds like nothing is wrong with your car, but what I mean is that your car hesitates a little bit when you try to go into a higher gear. In automatic transmissions, you may notice this problem when you shift into park or drive. My wife had this problem once and she could hear the engine’s RPMs surging, but the car wasn’t moving as fast as the engine sounded like it was going! Again, this probably means that your clutch needs to be replaced—it can also point to a more severe problem.

Signs of a Bad Transmission Low Fluid

Signs of a Bad Transmission
Signs of a Bad Transmission

You may not be able to take care of the other problems on your own; but you could definitely replace the fluid if it is needs to be changed. This symptom is fairly easy to diagnose because you’ll be able to see leaks in your garage or on your driveway. Why is transmission fluid important? It lubricates, cleans and acts like hydraulic fluid (meaning that the engine would seize up without it). The fluid should be a bright red/pink colour and somewhat clearish.

‘Check Engine Light’

This warning sign is pretty easy to see—it appears right on your dashboard! Your car has sensors placed in certain areas, and this light will come on if they pick up anything that unusual. If you see this problem, don’t wait around to get it checked out!

Burning Smell

Transmission fluid is supposed to keep your car’s parts lubricated and cool, but sometimes the fluids can overheat. Again, if you don’t take care of this problem, your systems will get too hot and other parts of the car can become damaged.

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