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Fastech machinery, one of the leading companies in the machinery sector, has followed the major developments closely in recent years and has brought its product quality to the highest level. The developments in the pipe bending industry in 2021 led companies to review their technologies and to have the machine that will produce the best solution. This orientation enabled all companies in the production sector to identify these machines and install them in their facilities. If we look at the cnc folding machines that stand out as a result of the researches in the sector, cnc folding machines for pipe folding are a machine that fully appeals to the sector. Thanks to this machine, a very active area of ​​use is created from the production sector to the heavy machinery industry. Pipe bending machines can be used in this field thanks to the 3D drawing and reading feature thanks to cnc folding machines.

What are the types of pipe bending machines?

Fastechmachinery company produces the most technological and portable machines in CNC machine production and pipe bending processes. Tube bending undertakes the pipe bending process of the factories for forming purposes. Fastechmachinery company, which uses the most accurate machinery to manufacturing manufacturers with its quality production and engineering knowledge, provides needs-oriented solutions in this field. With sheet metalworking machines, besides pipe bending machines, it brings sheet metal processing to the facilities as an advantage.

Fastech machinery, which has more than 10 machine types for sectors where the use of CNC machines is mandatory, offers products equipped with the latest technology to increase the performance of companies engaged in mass production.

Fastech machinery offers factories and companies using their machines the most accurate machine according to their needs, provides consultancy and guides them in choosing the right machine for their projects.

Thanks to the consultancy, researching the products suitable for the requested projects, helping in the purchasing process, following the production period of the ordered products, ensuring the final quality control of the products with the experienced technical staff, organizing the shipment on time, following up and helping for after-sales services and spare parts. aims to be your business partner in the heart of the machinery industry. This will save you time and money.

How is the technology of pipe bending machines?

Considering the prominent features of pipe bending machines in 2021, it is expected that they will be easy to install, the user’s manual and usage are clear and simple, they can be carried in a portable way, they do not cause noise pollution, and they have practical features. In mass production, since it will be used in a company in a fast sector, the adaptation and integration of the machine should be ensured in a short time and it should be included in the production accordingly. It should be made of high quality material and designed for long-term use.

Fastech machinery is realized in 3 main groups as bending group machines, cutting group machines, punching group machines. Each machine has different crew and equipment. It has functions as examples of equipment such as mills, drills, band saws, circular metal cutting equipment.

There are 2 different types of bending group machines as pipe bending group machines. Both types are hydraulic bending machines and can be used to machine metals. The hydraulic press machine, which can be used on all metals, has holes for 2 pins. Thanks to the fast tool change system, it prevents interruptions in production. It also has automatic and manual operating modes. It is equipped with the latest technology and has a digital reading feature. They are multi-functional machines developed by engineers using advanced technology in 2021.

Technicial Specifications;
Engine power: 10 kW
Maximum stroke: 285 mm
Working speed: 9 mm/s
Machine height: 900 mm
Oil tank: 100 lt
Weight: 2100 kg
It has a bending capacity of 350 mm.

Fastech machinery directs the best pipe bending machine to the companies

Fastech machinery is among the leading companies of the sector in the production of pipe bending machines. The consultancy they provide in the world and in Turkey ensures the formation of the best references. With the experience and knowledge they have gained in the sector, they provide the most healthy technical information and guidance to their customer portfolio and explain the most appropriate use of cnc folding machines, sheet metalworking, tube bending machines.

After the product is supplied and installed, action is taken as soon as possible in the face of any technical problem and the machines are operated with 100% performance. That’s why Fastech machinery works with full competence, from machine production to supply part, and then to technical support. It provides the most necessary information to its customers.

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