how to unclog catalytic converter

How to Unclog a Catalytic Convertor?

How to Unclog a Catalytic Convertor? The cleanliness of the catalytic converter is very important in terms of environmental pollution and the performance of your vehicle. If the catalytic converter is not clean, damaged or defective, it affects the performance of your vehicle adversely. In this article, we will cover how to clean the catalyst and how to open the blockage.

Before starting the catalytic convertor cleaning, you really need to make sure that the catalyst is clogged. So how can you understand this? If the catalyst is clogged; your vehicle’s exhaust will have a very bad smell; such as a rotten egg smell. This smell means that the catalyst is clogged or malfunctioning. In case of blockage, your vehicle will not be able to emit gases that are harmful to the nature.

This means that your vehicle will not pass the exhaust emission inspection. In addition, this situation is very bad for the health of your vehicle. Because your vehicle’s fuel consumption will increase; its performance will decrease, and there will be acceleration problems. In addition to all these, your other engine parts may also be damaged, although it is unlikely.

How to Fix Catalytic Converter Without Replacing

how to unclog catalytic converter
how to unclog catalytic converter

Catalytic Convertor failure, as mentioned above, can also lead to more serious failures. Therefore, if your catalyst is faulty, you should clean it or replace it as soon as possible.

Step-by-step catalytic converter cleaning;

  • The first thing you need to do is to scan your catalytic converter with the help of devices to make sure that there is no blockage. If you are sure that it is clogged after scanning; if the device has given the fault code, you should enter the cleaning process. Fuel system and injector cleaners of brands such as W├╝rth will assist you in this cleaning process. By applying these, you can wait for the congestion to pass.
  • If your catalytic converter did not turn on after this application and your problem continues, there may be another problem with the catalytic converter. Therefore, you should have it repaired or replaced with a new one.

Can You Clean a Catalytic Converter? How to Unclog a Catalytic Convertor?

Cleaning processes of the catalytic converter in the exhaust system at the bottom of the vehicle can be done. However, even if this cleaning is done, back blockages can be seen within 2-3 months. Therefore, it makes more sense to apply injector cleaners instead of disassembling and performing normal manual cleaning. If the catalytic converter does not open even with these injector cleaners, you definitely need to have it replaced for the health of your vehicle. Otherwise, you may face bigger problems in the future.

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