How to Remove Catalytic Converter

How to Remove Catalytic Converter?

How to Remove Catalytic Converter? Catalytic Converter cancellation is currently done in two ways. If we list them;

  • In the first method, a hole is drilled in the catalytic converter. This method is a method of canceling the catalytic converter without removing it. The purpose of this drilled hole is to prevent the formation of soot. Since soot formation will be prevented thanks to the hole; the accumulated gases will be thrown out directly as if there was no catalytic converter.
  • The second method is to directly remove the catalytic converter. However, if you are going to use the cancellation method with the dismantling process; you will have to make some changes to the exhaust system. Because when the catalytic converter is removed; a gap will appear in its place. Masters attach a silencer to this gap. Burnt gases are also thrown out thanks to this muffler.

What happens if the catalytic converter is removed?

How to Remove Catalytic Converter
How to Remove Catalytic Converter

After the catalytic converter is canceled, a slight increase in the performance of your vehicle may be observed. The reason for this is that the exhaust gases will be thrown out directly without reacting. After the catalytic converter is canceled; this will be the only benefit to your vehicle, but it will also have various damages.

After the catalytic converter is canceled; you will be harmful both in terms of environmental pollution and in terms of your vehicle’s health. Vehicles whose catalytic converter has been canceled cannot pass the inspection. Also, you cannot insure these vehicles. If we examine the environmental issue; since the gases will be expelled directly; they will pollute the air we breathe.

Considering that most vehicles’ catalytic converters will be dismantled; we won’t even be able to find oxygen to breathe anytime soon. In addition to these, canceling the catalytic converter will increase the fuel use of your vehicle. Vehicles with the catalytic converter disabled consume more fuel. There are also changes in the engine sound. Gases from the exhaust are also thrown out more noisily.

If you want the catalytic converter to not fail, you need to have your vehicle properly maintained. Even if you drive your vehicle carefully; blockages may occur in the catalytic converters as you will constantly stop and go in traffic. In addition; you can find a solution by burning the blockages that will occur while your vehicle is running. For this, if you run your vehicle in 3rd gear over 3000 rpm for about 10 minutes; the fuel used by your vehicle will increase in that time and combustion will also be of higher quality. Thanks to this, the blockages in the catalytic converter will also be opened.

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