how to clean windshield

How to Clean Windshield? Cleaning of windshields always requires care, both for your car to look cleaner, for longer life of auto parts and for safe driving. This precision not only increases driving pleasure, but also prevents increased maintenance and repair costs. Although many techniques are mentioned in different sources, we have listed the most accurate methods for you to answer the question of how best to clean the car glass.

What Do You Need To Clean Windshield? How to Clean Windshield?

Three materials are sufficient for classic auto glass cleaning: glass cleaning spray, a soft sponge and a dry cloth or newspaper. So, how to wipe the windshield in the simplest and most effective way using these materials?

Particularly in dry seasons, dust can accumulate, and in rainy seasons, mud residues can accumulate on the windshields and their edges. For this, first of all, it is necessary to clean these residues with the help of water and sponge. So you have to get the rough of the dirt.

After the windshields have dried for a while, you should spray the glass cleaning spray on the entire surface. If you then wipe the glass with newsprint or a dry cloth, the process is complete. Moreover, in this step, you will get a better result if you use fiber cloths that have been ubiquitous in recent years.

Don’t Say Wiping Windshield

The first point to be considered when wiping the windshield is that the sponge to be used should be soft and wet. Because otherwise, you may damage the glass and scratch it while pressing.

It is also necessary to check the glass surface while cleaning. This issue requires attention as even a small crack or a deep scratch may cause undesirable consequences in the future.

Using a coarse and hard brush when cleaning glass can cause scratches. Try soft, lint-free cloths instead. Fiber cloths, in particular, will be of great help.

You can also apply the cleaning and control operations for the side windshields, rear view mirror and side mirrors.

Although it is not seen as a very important point, it should be preferred that the water to be used in the car glass cleaning process is not too chalky. Because the lime in the water can leave a lime stain on the glasses. When these traces of lime are combined with sunlight, new scratches can occur on the windshields. So, how to clean car glass limescale?

How to Clean Windshield Lime? How to Clean Windshield?

how to clean windshield
how to clean windshield

Limescale can form on car windshields, both when wiping the windshields, in rainy weather or by splashing water. It may be necessary to use different ingredients than conventional glass cleaning sprays to remove these marks.

A mixture of vinegar and water can be tried first to get rid of the lime stain on the car glass. After wiping the glass with the mixture to be obtained in half, it should be rinsed with clean water.

Another method of removing limescale is to mix warm water and dish soap and apply it to the glass.

Pouring fabric softeners on the glass and wiping them on the sponge are among the methods that can be tried.

Other descaling methods are as follows: Using glass polish, cleaning with lemon and water, applying by mixing water with lime inhibitors used in dishwashers. In short, the aim is to remove traces by making use of acids without damaging the glass.

How to Clean Frosted Windshield?

While whindshield cleaning is an easier task in the summer, it gets a bit more difficult in cold weather in the winter. Because the raining and cold weather causes the windshields to freeze. Different ingredients can also be used to clean the frosted glass.

Let’s start with the thing that shouldn’t be done, pouring hot water on the icy glass is something you should definitely avoid. You can crack the glass.

Instead, antifreeze glass water can be used. Wiping the glass with this water in the evening will prevent the glass from freezing at night.

In the same way, dividing an apple or lemon in half and applying it to the windshields in the evening can help prevent the glass from freezing at night.

Vinegar is also an effective method. To remove ice from the windshield; mix 1 part vinegar with 2 parts water and spray it on the glass. The ice will be thawed.

If there is no vinegar, lemon cologne can also be tried. But do not pour directly on the glass. Instead, apply it to a cloth and clean the glass with it. It will work.

Even if you are going to scrape the snow and ice from the glass with a credit card or a hard object; you should be careful not to scratch it and create more problems.

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