how to check tire pressure

How To Check Tire Pressure? Having the air pressure of the tires at the ideal level both reduces fuel consumption and ensures safe travel. Because when the tire pressure is not at the ideal level, the wheels may turn more than desired and the road holding rate may decrease.

What Should My Tire Pressure Be? How To Check Tire Pressure?

Tire pressure varies according to many criteria, from weather conditions to load. The easiest way to find out the ideal value is to check the tire pressure chart in the manual. In addition, the value recommended by the tire manufacturer brand is written on the side of the tire. This value varies according to tire brands. The point you should pay attention to in the tire pressure table in your vehicle’s manual or in the recommended pressure value on the bottom of the driver’s door is the unit part.

Why Are Tire Pressure Units Different?

The measuring device and the pressure unit in the vehicle’s user manual must be compatible. Two different units are used for air pressure. The first of these is the PSI in the English system. It represents the force in pounds applied to an area of ​​one square inch. The other unit is expressed as a bar and is included in the International System of Units used by our country.

how to check tire pressure
how to check tire pressure

If the value in bar pressure is given in the manual of the vehicle, the value in bar should also be written on the pressure gauge device. The same is true for the PSI value. If there is a unit difference between the pressure gauge and the guide, it is necessary to match the PSI and bar values. You can find the air pressure by making the necessary calculation according to the equation below:

1 PSI = 0.069 bar

1 bar = 14,504 PSI

How to Measure Tire Pressure? How To Check Tire Pressure?

Almost all new generation vehicles have tire pressure warnings. Thanks to the indicator, if the tire pressure reaches a critical level, the driver is immediately warned. Almost every gas station in Turkey has pressure gauges.

How to Check Tire Pressure?

The air pressure should be checked when the tires are cold. Because when the tires get hot, the pressure value may differ.
If an unusual result is encountered in any of the tires, the next measurement should be taken. If a similar problem is encountered, an air compressor should be used and the tires should be brought to the ideal air pressure.
It is important for those who think that there is any problem with the tires, to apply to the tire repair organizations.

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