how to change a tire

How To Change a Tire? You need to change tires when you use winter or summer tires, when your tire wears out and its grip decreases, and in cases such as a flat tire. Well; how to change a car tire, what are the tricks of changing tires? We start by listing what you need to know about changing a car tire!

When to Replaces Tires? How To Change a Tire

As we mentioned and as you know, winter tire application requires you to change tires regularly every year. This is very important for both your safety and fuel economy.

In addition to the summer/winter tire change periods, you may also need to change tires after using them for a certain period of time. Tire tread depth can give you an idea about this. It is stated in the law that the tread depth of the tire should be at least 1.6 mm. In other words, if the tread depth of your tires is less than 1.6 mm, it means it’s time to change tires! Note that the ideal tread depth is 4 mm for winter tires and 3 mm for summer tires. “When should car tires be changed?” If you are looking for a more detailed answer to the question, we recommend you to read our article.

How to Change a Tire?

Before rolling up your sleeves, you should make sure that the tire replacement materials are complete. Materials needed for tire changing; spare wheel (spare tyre), jack, wheel wrench and chock. You can also choose to wear gloves if you don’t want your hands to get dirty. In addition, if you have a flat tire on the road and you need to change a tire in traffic, you should not forget to place the reflectors at appropriate distances and warn the drivers in the traffic.

How To Change a Tire

how to change a tire
how to change a tire

Now, let’s explain step by step what you need to do to change a tire.

  • Park your vehicle on level ground. Make sure you apply the handbrake.
  • Take the spare tire, wheel wrench, jack and chocks out of your trunk.
  • Take precautions against slipping of the vehicle by placing the chocks in front of and behind the tire directly opposite the tire to be replaced.
  • Loosen the wheel bolts by turning the wheel wrench counterclockwise. If you have difficulty in turning the wheel wrench at this stage, you can apply force to the end of the jack arm by taking support from your foot.
  • Loosen all the tire bolts, but do not remove them completely. Otherwise, when you jack up the vehicle, the tire may come off.
  • Now it’s time to place the jack! You should place the hollow part of your jack under the chassis section right next to the tire to be changed. Then turn the jack clockwise and raise the vehicle.
  • When the tire is disconnected from the ground, completely remove all the bolts and remove the tire.
  • Place your spare tire in the center and tighten the lug nuts clockwise first with your hand and then with the wrench. At this stage, you can still get help from your foot to apply force.
  • Finally, lower your vehicle by turning the jack counterclockwise and remove the chocks from the opposite wheel. That’s it!

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