How Often to Change Transmission Fluid

How Often to Change Transmission Fluid

Each company has different periods for transmission fluid changes. So How Often to Change Transmission Fluid? The reason for this is that each company produces its products with different features. Vehicle features, engine volume, etc. It is written in your vehicle’s user manual when to change the transmission fluid, taking into account such situations. If you have lost your user manual, you can find this information by calling customer service.

However, we wanted to give a general information about this subject. As you know, there are two types of transmissions. Manual transmissions and Automatic transmissions. Since they work in a different mechanism in terms of structure, the oil change periods of the transmission also differ.

Manuel Transmission Fluid Change

There is a general judgment in the society “There is no need to change the oil of the manual transmission” Actually, it is partially true. In many vehicles from past to present, the oil of the transmission has not changed unless a problem is encountered. Even if some technicians change this oil as a precaution in clutch pressure pad changes, it is not a common situation until now to change it out of nowhere.

You can summarize the issue in general as follows. The generalization is correct up to a point. Many of the manufacturers do not provide an oil change period for this transmission. You don’t need to intend to change the oil of our transmission out of nowhere. However, if you feel a difference in gear shifts, we recommend that you change it as a precaution. Like what?

How Often to Change Transmission Fluid
How Often to Change Transmission Fluid

If your vehicle does not shift into gear or has difficulty as before, you can change it. It could even be an out of gear problem. We experience this especially in 1st gear. Since it has a smaller structure in diameter, situations such as difficulty entering the gear or not dissociating after entering may be encountered. It is the reverse gear in the gear that we often see malfunctions after the 1st gear. Smallest among other gears in diameter.

The potential for failure may also be highest depending on usage. Although these failures are a mechanical failure, it is possible that they may occur as a result of the oil losing its properties. Maybe the oil in it has lost its properties and cannot form the necessary layer between the gears. Putting a new oil on yours will solve the problem. It also comes to the fore as an important factor in cleaning the residues inside.

Automatic Transmission Fluid Change

The most delicate transmission type. We also take care of him so that he can continue with the comforts he has provided, right? According to the changing vehicle type in the catalogues, the change periods are generally listed as follows.

  • 60,000 KM
  • 80,000 KM
  • 100,000 KM
  • 120.000 KM

As you can see, the last value is exactly twice the initial value. There is one piece of information that you need to be absolutely sure of that the room manufacturers do not care about these values. They report this figure according to some analyses, studies and performance values.

How Often to Change Transmission Fluid
How Often to Change Transmission Fluid

Most experts recommend this oil change at 80,000 KM or every 4 years. You can think about where it came out in 4 years. The most important feature of the oil is the viscosity values. The oil that stays in it for 4 years loses these values. If you do not use your vehicle after you change it, you have to change it again because of the oil that has lost one of its properties.

Even if we humans sit around doing nothing, we still get old after years, right? So what happens if you don’t carelessly change the transmission fluid? We do not think that you will see a problem in the short term. However, you take the process of filling out the expiry date of the transmission, which you can get efficiency for a long time, a little further. If we need to give an example, a transmission that you can use for 500,000 KM may start to cause problems for us after 300,000 KM.

So let’s check the catalog value carefully. Let’s take care to comply with the change periods in terms of both years and km. Short-term deviations are not a problem, but take care to minimize your deviation rate as much as possible. If the change time has come, we must ensure that the oil of the transmission is changed as soon as possible. Which oil should we choose when changing? Let’s talk about this right now.

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