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General Properties of Flat Bonded Polyethylene Foams

Flat-bonded Polyethylene Foams, with the sectoral name PE Foam, is a substance that is increasingly used day by day and it is emerging in almost every sector as of today. Polyethylene Foam, which has reached an indispensable point in the automotive, building, construction, shoes, bags, sports equipment, white goods and electronics sectors, has a flat bond structure.

Polyethylene Foam, which is produced using the extrusion method with the addition of chemicals and inflating gas, and DurPack, a brand produced by DurFoam, are more economical than cross-linked polyethylene foam products. It has an easier production than flat bonded polyethylene foams or PE Foam. It is used in related sectors for sound, heat, moisture insulation and protection from impact. It has a process process that can be produced as cut plate, roll, pipe, extra laminated or unlaminated for different sectors.

What are the main features of PE Foam?

In the production standard of PE Foam, single layer thickness is 0.8-20 mm, multi-layer thickness is 10-150 mm. While the density of the product is 20-25 kg/m³, the roll width is 500-2000 mm. Roll length is 50-500 mm. Polyethylene Foam, which is produced with a plate width of 200-2000 mm, is produced in the desired color. Composite materials are made of metallized film, nylon film, XLPE Foam Lamination, double-sided tape laminated, while optionally produced in an antistatic structure. During the waiting period, it is necessary to wait 2 days for every 1 mm. Polyethylene Foam, which is produced in 3 options as packaging, is offered for use in standard, stretch film wrapped and nylon bags.

Main features of DurPack, one of the best Polyethylene Foam products on the market

As in the general production of flat bonded polyethylene foams, it has a closed cell structure. It is produced in a water and moisture proof way. It has sound absorption and heat insulation capacity. It is an environmentally friendly product as it does not contain HCFC and harmful/banned chemicals. It has also been developed in accordance with the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) standards, which limit the use of lead and other toxic substances.

PE Foam, an odorless product, does not contain fungi and bacteria. It is not affected by chemicals and outdoor conditions. It recovers itself after impact and is a product with high durability since it does not collapse. It can be taken out in rolls or sheets during production. In production upon request; Single-sided and double-sided foil film tape, fabric or lamination can be made according to the special request of the customer, as well as flameproofing and different color selection.

In which sectors are Flat Bonded Polyethylene Foams used and for what purpose?

Flat Bonded Polyethylene Foams have been used continuously since the first time they were produced and have become one of the most necessary and needed materials in the sectors where they are used. Polyethylene Foam, which is preferred as an insulation material in the building and construction industry, is preferred as an insulation material in the building and construction sector, and DurPack, DurFoam’s Polyethylene Foam product range, is used in the insulation of buildings horizontally and vertically, both aiming to increase energy efficiency and prevent sound leaks. It has become almost mandatory to be used in buildings such as hotels, hospitals and residences. The second most preferred sector of PE Foam is the packaging industry.

Thanks to PE Foam, especially in the packages used for the protection of expensive products, damage to the products after impact is prevented.

With DurFoam products, it meets the needs in all areas where insulation is required.

DurFoam is among the pioneers of the insulation industry with its Physically Cross Linked Polyethylene Foam product DurProx, its Chemically cross-linked polyethylene foam product DurSolex, its PE Foam product DurPack. DurFoam, which is one of the largest Polyethylene Foam manufacturers with its investment in its factory in Turkey, makes a difference with the products it provides especially to the automotive, building construction, white goods, electronics, packaging, shoes and bags sectors.

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