Cracked Windshield

Cracked Windshield – Windshield Crack Repair

Cracked Windshield. Windshields are an important part of an automobile that allows drivers to travel at high speeds and have protection from bad weather, as well as debris that might hit the car. Unfortunately, these windshields are prone to cracks, usually caused by blunt objects such as rocks being propelled into them.

When a windshield crack occurs, it is important to know which type of crack you have so that you can create a plan of action for getting the crack repaired. It is important to be able to recognize different types of cracks, as they each have differing levels of severity.

Bulls-Eye Crack

The bulls-eye crack is one of the most common types of cracks that can happen to windshields. A bulls-eye crack is caused by a blunt object hitting the windshield at high velocity. Usually, this means that a rock was propelled by the tire of another car and hit the windshield.

The good news about bulls-eye cracks is that they are typically; very easy to repair and are very isolated without a lot of potential to spread.

Star Crack – Cracked Windshield

As the name implies, a star crack is a windshield crack that is star shaped; branching out from the center of the crack. Like the bulls-eye crack, star cracks are usually caused by rocks that have been kicked up by the tires of other automobiles on the road. They are often caused by smaller rocks that have sharp or pointed edges.

Cracked Windshield
Cracked Windshield

Unlike bulls-eye cracks, however, star cracks are much more severe and can cause significant damage to the windshield if left untreated. Star cracks are prone to spreading across the windshield, creating a greater area of damage. If not taken care of right away, star cracks may make the windshield irreparable, forcing you to buy a new one.

Stress Crack

Unlike bulls-eye cracks and star cracks, which are caused by impact from a projectile; stress cracks are caused by physical stress in the glass of the windshield. The most common type of stress crack is caused by rapid changes in temperature of the glass. For example; this might occur when a person pours warm water to try to melt ice on his or her windshield.

Stress cracks are also difficult to repair because they often radiate outwards and can often spread to other parts of the windshield. To minimize damage and repair costs, it is important to have stress cracks repaired as early as possible.

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