Clutch Replacement Cost

Clutch Replacement Cost. The clutch is a very important part of a car because it is responsible for channeling power from the engine up to the transmission, this in-turn allows the driver  to temporarily interrupt the drive process in order to change the gears and run the engine in neutral.

As you can see, the clutch that we are talking about consists of 4 basic components including the throw out release bearing, the flywheel, the pressure plate and the clutch disc. Each component that comprises the clutch is very important, If you don’t know what a clutch is: A clutch is a disc that is inside the car’s transmission which allows the user to change gears through shifting the engine’s power through the on and off state of the selected gear.

Clutch Replacement Cost

Your clutch replacement cost depends on what kind of car you have. Sometimes, clutches will last for about 50,000 up to 100,000 miles of travel before it will need replacing. If you don’t know how to determine if a clutch needs replacing, then you must read on. Generally if you cant shift the gear out of the neutral position into one of the drive gears then your clutch is probably worn out. Also when you try to select a gear and the engine revs but there is no “bite” then your clutch is probably broken.

Clutch Replacement Cost
Clutch Replacement Cost

If your concerned your clutch is about to fail then you should see to it that you try to observe the feel of the clutch when driving. This is because clutches will feel different if they have started to deteriorate. Clutches that are coming to the end of there life can often feel a lot softer this is often described by many people as “mushy”. You must also asses if the clutch reacts to the command in a late manner.

You will need to know how much your clutch replacement cost will be if you can smell clutch burning from under the bonnet. Quiet often you can smell a burning clutch when the car has been driven incorrectly and too many rev’s are applied.

You know you need to replace your car’s clutch when you see smoke coming from under the bonnet and the transmission functions incorrectly and or you cant select a gear. If you are experienced then it is possible to change the clutch yourself; but usually the best way is to consult a qualified mechanic because a good mechanic will know right away if a clutch needs to be replaced and will usually be able to source replacement parts cheaper.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace a Clutch?

Typically, clutch replacement cost can be around £200.00 – £600.00 pounds. Usually,  front wheel drive cars tend to cost a bit more because their clutches require more labor hours to be repaired than real wheel cars. The cost to get your clutch replaced will vary slightly depending on what type of car you have. If you are planning to shop for a clutch replacement the you have taken the first step. Now it is time to use the resources on this site to find a local highly reputable repair shop and use their online calculator to work out what it will cost you to replace your clutch.

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