car ac not blowing cold air

Car AC Not Blowing Cold Air

Car AC Not Blowing Cold Air. These days, when the summer heat is slowly being felt, air conditioners that do not blow cold started to be a problem with the car air conditioners starting to operate. But why don’t these car air conditioners blow cold? First, let’s look at what the car air conditioner is and how it works.

Working Principle of Air Conditioner

The air conditioner basically consists of 5 parts, the cooling radiator filled with gas, the compressor for turning the gas, the moisture trap filter, the honeycomb that blows air through the fan and the fan that circulates the air (this fan is not for the air conditioner, it is the fan under the glove box of the car).

The compressor compresses the gas and sends it to the radiator located in front of the car, where the gas cooled by the outside air goes to the core in liquid form, and the gas that is heated again by the air passing through the core returns to the compressor. The operating logic of the system is simple and does not consist of many parts.

Air Conditioning Failures – Car AC Not Blowing Cold Air

Car AC Not Blowing Cold Air. There may be problems such as air conditioning failures, compressor failure, leaks in pipes, holes in the radiator and honeycomb of the vehicle. If there is a leak in the system, the air cannot be cooled as the air conditioner gas is discharged, and if the compressor does not work, there will be no cooling because there will be no gas circulation. There is nothing you can do in such cases. It is necessary to use specific tools for compressor failures and leaks that may occur in the system. Therefore, it would be more economical to have these tools looked at by an autoelectrician or air conditioner, rather than buying them.

If the Cars Air Conditioner is Working but Not Cooling

car ac not blowing cold air
car ac not blowing cold air

If your cars air conditioner is working but not cooling or cooling slightly, be sure to overhaul the pollen filter before going to a repair shop. The filters, which start to deteriorate with humidity due to precipitation in the winter months, become clogged and prevent adequate air intake and often cause the air conditioners to not cool or to cool less.

Drivers who are not aware of this may also go for gas changes or different repairs in vain. To understand this, simply remove the pollen filter and turn on the air conditioner with the vehicle, take a quick lap and see if there is a change.

If it started to cool, it means that you have corrected the situation with a simple filter, but if there is no change, it is mostly because there is no air conditioner in the system. Unfortunately, there is nothing else you can do about it.

If gas is missing in the system, first the system will be pressurized and checked for leaks, and then gas will be pressed. Air conditioning gas filling fee will cost around 80-100 liras per liter of gas in a standard vehicle.

In our previous article, we have explained the replacement and removal of the pollen filter. In the video I will give below, you can see how the pollen filter of the Opel Corsa is changed as an example. The important thing in this filter, which is located in different places, is to ensure that it is installed in the right direction according to the arrow mark on it.

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